Pip fruit brandies

Pip fruits are some of the most popular in Switzerland. An aromatic apple or a juicy pear has a very definite taste. And so have our fruit brandies - fruit-intensive and in harmony, thanks to the maturing process.

Pear Williams / Pear Williams unfiltered / Vieille Pear Williams

Etter Pear Williams 42% vol

This is the most exciting way to get to know a 'Williams'. Around 11 kg of fully-ripened yellow Williams pears from the Wallis region are needed for one single 70cl bottle of this exquisite, fruity eau-de-vie.

DistiSuisse Award 2017 - Gold medal

Etter Pear Williams 2022 unfiltered 44% vol

Thanks to the reduction of the alcohol content without filtering, the intense aroma of the natural fruit is retained to the full. You'll love this premium Pear Williams with its luxuriously fruity, defined taste.

Etter Vieille Poire / Pear Williams «Barrique» 40% vol

Our Vieille Poire Williams is the ideal after-dinner drink for those very special moments in life. After maturing for 3 years, wood and fruit unite to create the perfect combination. Sample it for yourself. You’ll be impressed.
DistiSuisse Award 2019 - Gold medal

Apple Gravenstein / Vieille Pomme Royale – Vieille Apple

Etter Apple Gravenstein 41% vol

Exquisite, fruity, smooth and typical, these are the characteristic features of this apple fruit brandy. Approx. 7 kg of fully ripened small Swiss Gravenstein apples, combined with the special distillation recipe, guarantee the high quality of this product.

DistiSuisse Award 2021 - Gold medal

Etter Vieille Pomme Royale / Apple «Barrique» 40% vol

Vieille Pomme Royale is a very special apple product with just 40% vol. The core distillate extracted from the best quality, hand-picked Gravenstein apples provide the basis. This distillate is matured for 3 years, creating the fine, delicate and fruity flavour. A wonderfully light digestive!

Quince / Vieille Quince

Etter Quitte / Quince 41% vol

To produce our Etter Quince we distil the highly aromatic, pear-shaped variety of quince using only organically-grown fruits from private gardens in our region. You too will most certainly be captivated by the fragrance! The rebirth of a time-honoured variety of fruit.

DistiSuisse Award 2023 - Gold medal

Etter Vieille Quitte / Quince «Barrique» 40% vol

We store part of the quince distillate in demijohns and part in oak barrels and then combine the two parts into one harmonious blend. Enjoy the intense, full-fruit aromas and warm tinges of honey and wood-
DistiSuisse Award 2019 - Gold medal


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