Spirit, Cuvée, Citrus

This must be the most ingenious way to enjoy fruit or nuts. Our master distiller is an artist of assemblage and produces some interesting creations.



Etter Haselnüssli / Hazelnut 40% vol

After the distillation of the gently-roasted hazelnuts, the distillate is seasoned in 50-litre demijohns, bringing it to a harmonious whole. The roasting temperature of the hazelnuts, ingeniously thought-out by Etter, results in an unusual taste and a fascinatingly enjoyable experience.

DistiSuisse Award 2017 - Gold medal

Fruit tree

Etter Fruchtbaum / Fruit tree 41% vol – Swiss 5-fruit brandy

Our 125th anniversary in 1995 gave us the idea of “composing” a cuvée: cherries from the Zug region, William pears, grape spirit, Gravenstein apples and strawberries. This harmonious 5-fruit spirit takes you on a unique journey of discovery for your senses. Delicate, fine, fruity.

Vieille Orange «Barrique»


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