Spirit, Cuvée, Citrus

This must be the most ingenious way to enjoy fruit or nuts. Our master distiller is an artist of assemblage and produces some interesting creations.



Etter Haselnüssli / Hazelnut 40% vol

After the distillation of the gently-roasted hazelnuts, the distillate is seasoned in 50-litre demijohns, bringing it to a harmonious whole. The roasting temperature of the hazelnuts, ingeniously thought-out by Etter, results in an unusual taste and a fascinatingly enjoyable experience.

DistiSuisse Award 2017 - Gold medal

Fruit tree

Etter Fruchtbaum / Fruit tree 41% vol – Swiss 5-fruit brandy

Our 125th anniversary in 1995 gave us the idea of “composing” a cuvée: cherries from the Zug region, William pears, grape spirit, Gravenstein apples and strawberries. This harmonious 5-fruit spirit takes you on a unique journey of discovery for your senses. Delicate, fine, fruity.

Vieille Orange «Barrique»

Etter Vieille Orange «Barrique» 40% vol

Our newest speciality with the wonderful, fruity aroma of Sicilian Moro and Sanguinello blood oranges is unique! All our testing and tasting have paid off and we at Etter are thrilled with the result - an exceptional, unusual drink or digestif. Do try it!
DistiSuisse Award 2019 - Gold medal


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