A long story

The distillation of high-quality fruit brandies is an art that has to be learnt. The milestones in the life of ETTER are:


First documentation of the production of kirsch from our own crop on the Bergli farm in Menzingen. Farmer Johann Baptist Etter distils as a side-line and lays the foundations for this success story.
(Photo 2015)


Paul Etter opens the ETTER industrial distillery in the 'Poststrasse' in Zug.


The two brothers, Johann and Josef Etter, take over the enterprise.
(Date of photo unknown. Josef back row 2nd from left: Johann: back row far right.)


A new distillery is built in the 'Baarerstrasse' on the edge of Zug. Johann Etter runs it efficiently and skilfully until the great age of 85.
(Photo 1980)


An impressive number: ETTER celebrates its 100th anniversary.


Handing over to the third generation. Hans Etter takes over the direction of the family enterprise at the age of 25.
(Photo: the launching of the Clock Tower bottle with Zug artist Walter Hättenschwiler)


Building the new premises with the most modern plant in the Chollermüli in Zug.


After distilling only cherries for 110 years, the successive growth of the range commences, to include other types of fruit.


With the launching of glass fruit carafes ETTER hits the bull's-eye! They are distributed world-wide.


ETTER marks its 125th anniversary with the highly-acclaimed fruit-tree carafe.


Hans Etter becomes the sole owner of the company. Brother Paul and sister Joyce Meyenberg-Etter withdraw.


ETTER SONS LTD distils its first JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky and launches it on to the market in 2010.


In September 2012, Eveline and Gabriel Galliker-Etter take over the reins in the fourth generation.


We celebrate our 150th anniversary. The story of our success is based on your trust in us and in our specialities, so we say a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for your loyalty.


For the 150th anniversary in 2020 the first batch of RUM1823 can be bottled.


The first Gin has been launched! Captivating - not only visually, but also thanks to its delicate taste.

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