Etter New Generation fruit spirit liqueur

«Etter New Generation fruit spirit liqueurs» reveal themselves as fresh, festive and trendy. Their intensely fruity, elegant sweetness appeals to both male and female connoisseurs in equal measure – whether young or not-so-young!

The 100-percent natural New Generation fruit spirit liqueurs are unique in this qualitative, sophisticated composition, offering an irresistible and versatile addition to every home-bar. The seductive combination of genuine Etter fruit spirit with the natural, fruity liqueur promises a specially-light and pleasant taste experience.

Etter New Generation Pear fruit spirit liqueur 15% vol

The natural Williams pear spirit forms the basis of this premium speciality liqueur. The highly aromatic sweet-sour taste of pears has been achieved by a distillation process specially developed by Etter itself! A refreshing, tingling speciality.

Etter New Generation Cherry fruit spirit liqueur 15% vol

A very special taste experience; the spirit distilled from juicy cherries grown in the Zug region. Thickened cherry juice from the House of Etter gives this liqueur a superbly fruity taste.

Etter New Generation Apricot fruit spirit liqueur 15% vol

The best way to enjoy apricots! The fragrance of sun-drenched, aromatic apricots delights both our taste buds and our sense of smell. 100% apricot, 100% natural and 100% enjoyment - and just 15% vol.


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